Mission/Core Values

A Family of Believers striving....
To Love Christ. To Know Christ. To Seek Christ. To Reach People for Christ


Our Core Values represent the heart of what our Church strives to both do and be. It defines what we consider most important to our mission and vision as a body of believers, what we have fixed in our mind and will to accomplish, and what sets us apart as a unique body of believers.

Bible Study
We are committed to:
The study of God’s Word in every area of our Church – the Bible being the only viable words of God and the final word in both faith and practice. Growing deeper through the careful study and consideration of God’s word in everything that we do as a body of believers.

Family Ministry
We are committed to:
Minister to the whole family from the oldest to the youngest.
Have hearts of love and compassion for all.
Strive to develop relevant ministries capable of reaching every age group. Encourage, train, and equip, the whole body to a deeper and more personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth
We are committed to:
The lifelong task of Spiritual Growth
Conforming ourselves every day to the image of Christ and His will for our lives. Striving each day to grow in our knowledge, commitment, and our love for Him. Working together as a body “to stir one another up to good works”. Reaching people wherever they may be in their faith walk and continually encouraging them to commit further to Him.

Outreach to the Community
We are committed to:
Reaching beyond the four walls of the Church.
Being active in our community and world.
Teaching others about the good news of Christ.
Presenting a positive picture of His grace wherever we go. Being open to every opportunity we are given to reach the community around us with His message.

Culture of Prayer
We are committed to:
Making prayer central to everything that we do as a Church. Realizing that prayer is an exercise in our faith and trust in God. Praying for Gods wisdom and direction.
Believing that prayer can change any situation whether it is big or small. Praying as both a corporate body and as individuals for those who are lost or hurting, and dealing with sickness or disease, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.
Praying for our Church, our nation, and our leaders.
Praying for Israel, as we have been instructed.



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