Church Directory

Online Church Directory

We have an Online Church Directory passworded to protect the privacy of all Church members.  It is available online via either your iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle Fire, or your computer.

You can also ask for a printed copy.

If you notice an error or need your information updated please contact the church office so we may correct it.

How do you get access?

  1. To get online access, your email address must already be in the directory.  If it's not please provide it to the Church Office.
  2. On phones or pads, go to the phone or pad App store and download the free App "Instant Church Directory".   If you have the smart cell phone free app, you can call or send an email straight from the directory.
  3. On your computer go to
  4. Click on Church Member Sign In.
  5. Click on First time signing in.
  6. Create a login now.  All you have to do is insert the email address we have on file and create a password.



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